New Services and Scripts Available

New Services and Scripts Available

We have added some new scripts and services to the site. Social Scripts ($30 and up) Scripts for popular social networks. Starts at $30. Instant Device Services ($0.04 and up) Queries for information about a particular device, i.e. the devices iCloud status or IMEI/SN. iCloud Clean Invoices ($100) Invoices for iCloud Clean. $100.   All payments are handled with PayPal…. Read more →

GSX Script Now Available

We have recently introduced another script, for the Apple Global Service Exchange, or GSX. With this, you can get Apple ID login and Recovery Key! Head over to for details on the GSX script and more. The price has been reduced to $250, lower than $1000 that is offered elsewhere. Thanks!

New Apple ID Script Available

We’re happy to introduce a new script, “Manage Apple ID Script”. You can learn more about it on the iCloud Script page. Also, the premium package for iCloud API Script has been reduced in price from $140 to $110. If you have any questions please email Thanks!

Recent Site Issues

You may have noticed an issue with within the last few hours. There was an issue with the MySQL database tables which has now been resolved. We apologize for any inconveniences.